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How to install Windows Vista on your PC, for complete beginners.

Hi there.

I’m going to talk about how to install the latest Windows operating system on your computer from scratch, by this I mean either with a new hard drive or by wiping clean your old hard drive. This although does not cover the upgrade method of installing vista. this tutorial may be helpful if you are buying a new hard drive and want to install an operating system on it, if you want to have both windows vista and XP or if you want to reformat your computer to help clear up clutter and enable it to run smoother.

Difficulty Rating:            2.5/5

To do this you will need:

-A working computer!

-A Windows Vista installation CD and a valid Windows Vista serial number

-Some backup media such as an external hard drive or DVD discs.

Right to get going,

1. (this step only applies if you wish to backup your files)

If you have files you want to keep then firstly you must back them up. To do this insert the storage media stated above and copy your files over to it. Your files can then be later retrieved by copying them back over to windows vista after the installation is complete.

your storage media will appear in My Computer after inserting it/plugging it in so you can easily drag and drop your files.

Something I also like to do is make a list of the software installed on my system so that I know what to install again after I have installed windows.

2 (Booting to the installation interface)

Ok now we can properly get rolling.

open your cd tray and insert your Windows Vista disc.

When your computer restarts you should see an option about selecting your boot device, usually this selection is accessed by pressing either F12 or Esc at the very start of the computer boot process. It will look something like this:

2007.09.27-00.29.09 (2)

You will then see a menu with a list of devices on it, these are the devices that your computer can boot to (load up from) we want to be selecting our windows CD therefore select your CD drive to boot from the windows vista CD, it should look something like this below:

2007.09.27-00.29.09 (3)

After you have selected the CD drive to boot to Your computer will tell you that you need to press a key to boot to the CD, once you have done so you have successfully booted to the installation cd and are ready to start the installation.

3. (Starting the installation)

After you have booted to the CD Windows will load the required files and you will then be greeted with a language selection screen as shown below. Select your required language and keyboard layout and proceed to the next page.

Parallels Picture 2

After you click next you will be greeted with another screen which displays among other thing, a big “Install Now” button, click this and proceed to the next page.

Parallels Picture 3

You are then presented with the license agreement which you should quite obviously through read and read and read at least five times until you commit yourself to agreeing the license agreement!

Parallels Picture 4

Then a screen will appear asking you which type of installation you wish to do. We will be choosing the “advanced” installation (its not don’t worry) as we are installing Windows from scratch.

Parallels Picture 5

(if you want to keep your programs and settings etc by upgrading then this is the wrong tutorial for you but check back soon as I am planning on doing an upgrade version)

So click advanced and proceed to the next step…

you will then see the all important disk partitioning screen, now to be quite honest this is about how complex as its going to get and this is pretty easy. In this table are your hard drives and partitions on your computer (a partition is a section of a hard drive that acts as a different hard drive altogether).

Parallels Picture 6

If you are wiping your hard drive clean then there should only be one hard drive in the list (possibly 2), click on the drive options button and format your hard drive, you will be displayed with a warning and after this is completed your will drive will now have the NTFS filing system (windows filing system). This will look as it does below:

Parallels Picture 7

If you have 2 partitions and you want to consolidate them into one bigger partition (think of it like slices of a cake) then click on drive options and click delete on both partitions, then click new and create your new partition which will be formatted with the NTFS filing system.

Right looks like your ready to let the computer do its work, hit next and sit back for 10 minutes as the installation begins.

Parallels Picture 9

4. (completing the installation)

After the previous part of the installation has completed you will be greeted with the very polite notice that Windows vista is starting for the first time!

Parallels Picture 14

You shall then see the same screen as you had before the restart, and now it will display the fact that it is completing the installation.

Parallels Picture 16

5. (Configuration)

After this is completed your computer will reboot again, this time it will display the loveable windows loading screen.

Parallels Picture 20

Once the restart is complete you are asked to enter some details, nothing too personal mind just desired username and password for your account (oh, and display picture,) enter the info and hit next.

Parallels Picture 23

Next screen, nice and easy, enter the name of your computer and choose your desktop background then continue.

Parallels Picture 24

Possibly even easier unless you don’t know what county you are in, choose your time zone and hit next.

Parallels Picture 26

Annnnnnnd, Thank You!

Parallels Picture 27

Hit start and windows will asses your computers performance.

Parallels Picture 29

Then you can log into your account for the first time.

Parallels Picture 30

Windows will then prepare your desktop and you will see it in all its glory for the first time!

Parallels Picture 31

Parallels Picture 32

Well Done! you have installed Windows Vista on your PC. Now all there is to do is to restore your files if you saved any. and update your system by going to all programs then Windows Update.

Not so bad…

So thanks for reading, if you found it interesting then I will be doing/have done similar walkthroughs for different operating systems so check back any time. If you need any help don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks a lot…

Danny Walton.


5 Responses to “How to install Windows Vista on your PC, for complete beginners.”

  1. Well I don’t have vista so I didn’t even read your thread but couldn’t really find anywhere else to post on the site. Just wanted to say good sight guys and I’ll register or something (if possible) as I read somewhere you are struggling for hits. Feel free to delete this as the name is pretty daft to keep the site looking clean.

    Just remember to gedditon on a regular basis.

  2. just got a deal with a fresh eMachine T3882 without an operating system but when i had put in the Windows Vista (home premium) edition to install i only get a media test failure asking me to reboot or select proper boot device. So i guess my problem is how to get an OS into my pc. thanks in advance, Tim

  3. That means the cd is defective, clean it, well and keep trying. Thats the only advice i can offer, clean and keep trying. If not you need to get hold of a replacement disc or download some form of linux to keep you going for the time being.

  4. Another thing, the Vista install is tempermental. I’ve had installations where it wouldn’t work the first time round, and after two/three/five restarts of the machine the install suddenly works. Keep trying, it could just be Vista being moody.

  5. hi i installed vista on my emachines 770 and it installed but when you have to reboot for the 1st time it said starting vista for the 1st time… it got like half way then froze o i rebooted then the screen went black and stays black… what shall i do?

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