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Torrenting, an easy how-to.

Difficulty Rating: 1/5

You may have heard this term a lot, and all it means is downloading. It is very easy to download files using torrenting, but first there are a few things you need. You’ll need a torrenting program, such as utorrent and we’ll assume that you have the Internet as you are reading this.

Now, this really is incredibly simple, though you may wish to consult the Jargon section below.

Step 1:
Go to and download the program, utorrent.

Step 2:
Run the program.

Step 3:
Go to a torrenting website, such as and search for what you want. On mininova you can browse and search by categories such as music, movies etc.

Step 4:
Decide what to download. You can search by categories and find exactly what you’re after. Click on the name of the torrent and download it.
NB The file you download from mininova does not contain the content of what you’re after. The torrent file links you to other peoples computers and you download the files off of their computers.

Step 5:
When you download the file, choose to open it with utorrent when it finishes downloading. This just saves you having to find it and double click on it.

Step 6:
The downloading will commence, assuming that there is enough people to download off.


Seeds: How many people there are to download off
Leechers: How many people are currently downloading this item.
Upload Rate: The rate at which people are downloading off you.*
Download Rate: The speed at which you are downloading the item.**
Peers: Computers you are connected to via the Internet.

When you click on the name of a torrent, you can view the details of what you would actually be downloading, which is very important. If you are expecting to download an image or music file, and it says that the files you are going to download is an .exe, then you can be pretty sure that it isn’t what you’re after.

*You may wish to limit the upload rate so that more bandwidth is free to download with.
**You may wish to limit the download rate to allow more bandwidth to other Internet dependant tasks.
DISCLAIMER: DEM-pcsolutions and it’s authors do not condone the use of torrenting, or the Internet, where it is used for illegal purposes. DEM-pcsolutions and it’s authors provide this article merely as a guide to download files for legal purposes. Any user that downloads files illegally using this article as a guide does so at their own risk.


Jack White


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